Bereka 2017 retrospective

For Bereka and BabyCarryWorkout, 2017 was a year in which there was a lot of media attention for our activities. No less than three times we appeared on national television. How did this all work? Looking back, I sometimes do not even know where I found the time and energy for it. In February 2017 was the nine months fair where I was present for the third time in a row. This time not with BabyCarryWorkout but for taking care of a number of mama masterclasses. This was very nice to do and I also had enough time left for our stand with slings. The sales of Mbereko’s went well, there were nice conversations with customers and a number of people that I could give enough and needed Mbereko and babycarryworkout information, advice and background.


Please watch this fragment of the television who followed me during the baby-fair in Amsterdam. National TV fragment in February

A highlight was that the reporter from Carlo’s TV canteen came over to try out a sling and to lend a baby doll. These went into a hilarious movie the nine-month fair, a very nice item that is broadcast on RTL 4. I liked it so much that I gave the baby carrier a gift to the chef of the program who was pregnant at the time and for which the whole item was actually made.


From the beginning of my baby-wearing trip at fairs, I know 3 people who have always supported me. How grateful I am to them! Gonneke from, Chella Verhoeve from Borstkolfwinkel and Stefan Kleintjes from


In the period after the fair it was a bit of a rush to make the ordered Mberekos.

In March it was time to do the last certification course of the Trageschule in Ireland. Part of that was a challenging photo assignment in advance, which included the necessary time. But Ireland had learned a great deal and made many contacts. a very nice presentation and of course getting to know nice people.

I learned a lot from my teacher Olga Nguyen. Her calmness, her perseverance and the way of non-violent communication always gives me the strength to continue. I cannot copy words but Virna Benzoni Wrote this about her:

I would like to infinitely thank my trainer, Olga Nguyen. She has brought her big experience as non violent communication trainer to the “Die Trageschule”® courses. I thank her because she has been able to inspire me, give me wise indications to be used during my everyday work life. Olga will always echo inside me not only with her “chest out”. “gather, gather, gather”, “shuffle, shuffle, shuffle”, but especially because she is a wonderful person who gave me knowledge with unconditional passion.

When I went to Ireland, it was kind of a last minute think and If it was not for Dearbhla I would have paid a lot of money for a hotel. So she invited me to sleep over for  2 nights during our certification course. It was such a wonderful moment being together at her beautiful warm home


Personally, I believe more in experience than a piece of diploma. Yet I am proud to have taken this step together with a group of people who are very interested in my piece of work and presentations.

Nice change was then in April a short holiday with my husband to Scotland, secretly there also a lot of inspiration for my Mbereko’s done.


Fortunately, there was also occasional variety because BabyCarryWorkout Drechsteden and BabyCarryWorkout Twente got off the ground and I could support here and there. We have also added newer locations: In Belgium. So we are now International.

In Belgium our Franschiser is Draaggraag, is continued, ..

Iris Berghuis in Twente
Drechtsteden S. Ossterhuis

In the meantime, we have also been invited to give Babycarrydance workshop in Maassluis and together with Docent from the Drechtsteden we went there.
An interview about fitness during pregnancy

We have become a nice and fun team. Towards a torso babywearing team, also BCW / BCD team with enormous respect for each other. Estelle is the physical therapist and she takes good care of us.


I was invited during the summer during International Women’s Day. We made a really nice day in Nieuwkoop. Show even more women that babywearing is the most beautiful way of connection


At the same time, babywearing consultations and and sewing of Mbereko’s also continued! Because orders kept coming in.


Back home there were the trainings forTorsobabywearing consultant and babycarryworkout instructor that had to be organized and certified.


In June we were invited to Belgium to celebrate 50 years anniversary together with LLL Vlanderen, when we providedbabycarrydance and torso babywearing workshops. What was that great !!


Then there was a break in between and still worked during holidays


And indeed August 9th was the day: TV recordings of BabyCarryWorkout in the Steupel in Nieuwkoop. Jan Versteegh a very popular national television presenter became a father and examined all sorts of things that would make him a good father. BCW was in the picture because it is such a connecting activity with your child. Which also makes you feel fitter and learn how to handle your baby carrier well. So what was it a job to do all the preparations to satisfy fathers on a by the weekday.
But it was a very successful and busy day that went in a relaxed atmosphere. I now have really nice memories of that.


What happened afterwards, oh yes the recordings from 2016 of the documentary ‘This is us’ came on television. We were briefly shown with BCW at the nine-month fair, which also came back in the many promo films of this documentary. see also this video

#Kiindfestival #hippiefestival
We had a nice day. Children have learned how fun it can be on a rainy day. Many children had a rain suit and many did not. What a nice people! Become familiar faces and newer people. So beautiful to see that more and more people are close to nature and try. Another instructive day. Unfortunately, the time flew and therefore no lecture or workshop could follow. I was planning to buy a #hobble for the #children. #washable #mandskin to purchase. I also wanted to buy some # soap free products ♡ but unfortunately did not succeed because I was first on stage with #babycarryworkout and #babycarrydance Thanks to Sueli and Lourenske. Thanks #Kiindfestival # hippie festival

Suddenly a colleague from Ireland stayed with us for reasons of circumstance with her family. Nicola Watson


Meanwhile, I suffered from bursitis. On and off healthy eating and exercising, and still that long breastfeeding what does not seem to end. We do it for that. Because the children who are healthy then give us the chance to continue to work and relax.


And then in September for the second time to Scotland for a Sling Show Scotland Edinburgh where I gave a workshop Torsodragen. A nice and pleasant atmosphere in the baby wearing community there, very different from what you find here in the Netherlands. Thanks to Sarah Isted! ❤ who offered me a place to sleep!


Then in December the broadcast on television of the episode of ‘Jan becomes father’ where we appear in BabyCarryWorkout. A good number of minutes of airtime and they have managed to capture the atmosphere of that day, well done.

So now I can close 2017 with a satisfied feeling, I hope 2018 will be so interesting again. Keep spreading the love and other benefits coming from babywearing!

In 2018 we hope to focus on finding retailers for our products like Mbereko



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