A school teacher carrying a baby

YEAH This is a dream come true for me. I remember writing a lot about this. People laughing at me. Some saying we wish you luck. Now it’s the 4th time. Firstly it was a minister in a parliament breastfeeding and carrying her baby in Italy and then 2 teacher in Africa who stood in front of a class. I have always worked with my babies strapped on me. It made sense to me than to many people who were still influenced by the commercial world.

Now it’s just that he is carrying his baby in a wrong way but that’s our work and our student’s work to help parents correct themselves.
You can clearly see that the baby isn’t sitting comfortably. But hey. That’s why we are these teaching..Thats why we are there writing books certifying professionals who work directly with patents and children.

Learning about proper babywearing is a must. Ancient people practised naturally and knew this but… It’s forever fighting with Fast commercial companies.
Never the less, this dad is carrying his baby and is bonding using the concept is free hands.
These are the most attractive men ever. Men who know how to give their women time to rest and rediscover themselves. Men who know how to multiply their positive who by loving more.