Why we cant feel anymore and want to trust our eyes and mind?

I’ve seen everything changing in my eyes. I left Zimbabwe in the 90s when people were still very close to one another. When I started living in Europe, the first thing that disgusted me was the individualism way of living and thinking. I remember that we grew up carrying one another. Siblings carrying their siblings, the neighbors carrying their neighbor children when necessary.

In that period of time people were struggling to become Western people they were getting westernized education everybody hoped to go to overseas someday as an achievement. This has blinded a lot from seeing what they already had as worth. Better jobs were found in the Western countries. If you were living in high- density suburbs you would want to be able to live in a low-density suburb where people lived the so-called Modern Life as a form of achievement.
The modern life consists of mostly westernized lifestyle. Knowing about when the Pram was introduced by Queen Elizabeth everybody saw this is a status, specially when you believe you don’t want to be called a poor African. Now the other way around proves that carrying of your children as a form of bonding increases sensuality, being sensitive, being more caring and emotionally stable.
This has everything to do with caring of your children.
Why I can say this is because I’m seeing more Africans fighting one another more the day of today than before, yet people were more closer to one another, more loving and understanding, but isn’t it what we have lost out of our hands the day of today? to be continued in my book African ethnic carrying culture.

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Muchaheta was now living in the Netherlands, far away from home and her extended family. Perhaps it was the distance or the time away from her roots that led her down a path to reconciling her traditionally African approach to child rearing with the new modern European scientifically tested advice she was consistently receiving. In doing so she began to craft out a unique path for herself and her growing family.

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