Weight and water retention during breastfeeding personal experience

Back to 2014. The last time that I litteraly was in hospital with the third pregnancy and a “gentle sectio” that I had to push in one of the largest hospitals in The Hague. They had not yet done it and I had done a lot of reading about combination of cesarean and immediately breastfeeding before the umblical cord was cut.

I am happy I am not the one who has to go through this today. I can imagine that pregnant parents are asking themselves a lot of questions today instead of relaxing and enjoy the pregnancy or focus on the preparation for your baby.

Personally I have been struggling since 2014 during the rest of my pregnancy, as you can see on the picture wearing a pink martenity dress. My feet all swollen because of “water retention”

(explained down there)
“Leftover pregnancy fluids that have built up over the past nine months. Moms who experience swelling (aka edema) during pregnancy can be storing up to an additional 6 pounds of fluids! Extra fluid you received during labor. … That extra fluid doesn’t go away right away! “11 nov. 2019”
Postpartum Swelling – What to Expect

So whether this has been researched yes or no in combination with 10 and a half years of continous breastfeeding we do not know.
But my own independent research and experience shows that “water retention” occurs continuously after birth and whilst breastfeeding, and the longer your body still gives the signs and produces those hormones you are not yet done.
During the menstrual cycle the water retention start a week before the cycle, and disappears a little just after the cycle. It comes again during the ”ovulation” 6 to 8 days after menstrual cycle. My cycle goes hand in hand with the moon.

So whether this is how nature does to women like me who gain weight during breastfeeding after pregnancy we cannot conclude this for all women but so far everyone thought breastfeeding helps weight loss. Just like many also thought breastfeeding is a natural contraceptive option. But this varies from woman to woman too.

At the moment the balance is not yet there I am still my own case study with my own children and body.
It’s just that ignorance and capitalism makes us think that we all gained weight by eating yet if you go beyond every situation. Facts do matter and people out there deserve respect of their birthmarks beauty.

In the book. Copywritted”
Mbereko culture

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Muchaheta was now living in the Netherlands, far away from home and her extended family. Perhaps it was the distance or the time away from her roots that led her down a path to reconciling her traditionally African approach to child rearing with the new modern European scientifically tested advice she was consistently receiving. In doing so she began to craft out a unique path for herself and her growing family.

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