Instincts and connections

Half the time we try to be guessing and assuming that something out there is happening for a reason. We are somehow in control of the energies that we allow and not allow in our immediate surroundings.
When your sense of feeling and your instincts are functioning properly, of which if they do you know it. Then there is no need to doubt that you see and feel things that you assume are assuming.
Taking yourself seriously will make you take others seriously too.
The energies vibrate such that when they are positive, they connect the positive people and when negative they connect the negative people too. Its only when the positive person. Once in a while a positive human who is surrounded by the other side maybe strong enough to either influence or take a distance. Its therefore important and crucial to keep watching your surroundings and instincts at the same time.

When a child has been carried in a mbereko, it means these instincts and senses will function properly. Its therefore advised to carry your baby.