Whilst you are pregnant, you can still carry your toddler, when feeling good enough. Just like most African women, we carry baby’s and toddlers at the back.

When it comes to babywearing, we mostly preach bonding between a mom and a baby and this started already during pregnancy for 9 months., not that its enough.

A baby carrier comes in when you need your free hands to do household and maybe help other children around, or walk your pet outside and those are practical facts.

In support to bonding, that has been created during pregnancy. The dad and baby still needs more of this heart to heart contact. The baby needs more of the dad’s smell and his warmth as a form of

  • protection.
  • One to one instinct communication
  • Its dads and a child’s right to get to know one another.
My sibling bonding with my child

Please follow one of our Masterclasses so we can tell you the most science behind babywearing whilst pregnancy according to our research. Also why backcarrying

What People Say

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