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Difference between a WESTERNIZED parent and the one still practicing Carrying Culture Thats why you see that an african child can easily flexibly mve their pelvis whilst dancing. The effects of ot being carried are in our tutorial Mbereko book for schools and colleges

Mbereko Pre and Postnatal Projects


We all love to cuddled, consoled, loved and respected. This happens from a mutual base. Unfortunately some end up being denial on the loving and caring issue because they cannot relate or recognise the feeling that comes with certain emotions.

Sometimes we feel lonely and fail to understand that it’s the need of being close to someone you care about.
We are already struggling in this world about

🔵Communication breakdown

Failing marriages or relationships due to failure of practicing the above mentioned.
Remember when the baby cries for skin to skin contact? That need does not change because someone is older.


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