Connection from my roots, how did that go? What did I learn?

OCTOBER 17, 2015 I only gave a lecture about connecting, bonding, family and so on. I described what I was doing all these years. Family connection, then friends, then with your other loved ones, your animals. Even a farmer commits and adheres to / on his cattle. I recognize from my idiosyncratic roots, Zimbabwe where people and animals mainly in rural areas are highly interconnected. Connection between the animals are subsequently to people Sometimes cows or donkeys seen when they help people? They chat with each other, looking at each other and leave food behind each other… Read More

Bereka terugblik op 2017

Ik ben ervan geschrokken om een terugblik blog te schrijven met een verzameling van al het werk van 2017. Omdat ik mijn werk met de kinderen en het huishouden combineer, lijkt het soms alsof de tijd stil blijft staan.