Why you can actually carry your baby at work

A few reasons why I managed to carry my baby without doubting or following the norm. I grew up in Zimbabwe in the village where babywearing is still the main means of transporting a family from A to B, the main means worthwhile using when parents are at work in the fields, fetching firewood, or water. Of course dancing and all form of practical things. I also grew up in the city of Harare where I then discovered the difference between a village and a town. As time moves on, I could… Read More

A school teacher carrying a baby

YEAH This is a dream come true for me. I remember writing a lot about this. People laughing at me. Some saying we wish you luck. Now it’s the 4th time. Firstly it was a minister in a parliament breastfeeding and carrying her baby in Italy and then 2 teacher in Africa who stood in front of a class. I have always worked with my babies strapped on me. It made sense to me than to many people who were still influenced by the commercial world. Now it’s just that he is… Read More