Back to 2018 and 2019 when I stopped breastfeeding. This breastfeeding in particular started exactly in February 2008nand never stopped for a day.

Now 2021, I have lost weight. All I needed was being in Zimbabwe and eat natural food. I also started to feel the hormones stabilising after a year a that was 2020. Some things will never change as I have gone under 3 cesareans and thats very harsh for a woman’s Godly body.

I remember having deep conversations with midwives and Lactation professionals in Netherlands about my gaining of weight because of hormonal instabilities due to breastfeeding and GMO food, medication after ceasareans.
Many people were now arguing that a human in general should lose weight during breastfeeding, until I opened a ground for women who gained weight.
When I breastfed. My breasts became very big. I produced milk for 10 children and anyone who would want milk for the whole village could come and get some if the possibility was there.
I ate a lot especially when Jonathan, my son was born. He is a big muscled boy.
I gave milk to them for 6 consecutive months before they could eat anything. I never gave them any solid food. I magine how my sleeping patterns were like. Let me put this in points when I am going to post this on my blog.
After 6 months of milk only. I started giving them solid food as they were ready to digest properly. My children started immediately holding touching, feeling the solid food. I didn’t have to grind all of it. I wanted their MOTORIEK to be stimulated. Ofcourse how can I not know this when I helped my mother with my 2 little twin brothers when they were born. Even though they ate porridge, they still got chewy food to improve their motoriek.

Back to my weight. I was surprised that people in Europe would argue my experience based on research. Yet they then only spoke about women who go under ceasareans and never manage to breastfeed or only breastfeed for a few months. Only to stop because the dried up.
Yes medication through ceasarean can have side effects too. I refused to give my children any form of milk in hospital
Below you see me interacting with a lot of mothers who would come for Mbereko program telling their stories and that way we exchanged experiences a it was a good way to know myself and my situation much better. A BabyCarryWorkout program that I started was not for nothing because it made us as mothers realise how much we miss bonding with our kids whilst trying to heal from postnatal depressions and other situations of wanting to go back to work before we are totally healed.



When Babycarryworkout came up in my mind. My son now 10 years. Was just born and I was now suffering from my pelvis. We had an accident whilst I was pregnant. Burning would 3rd degree.
I went to a special Burning wounds hospital for 14 days and laid on 1 side. In total for 3 months. I immediately went for labour before I was totally healed.
Babycarryworkout was a program that helped me realise that most parents were probably going through a long process of healing after birth especially when not having family around who helped them properly.



She now has 15 Grandchildren.

Happy Mothers day

I have a few pictures of her when we were growing up. I also have picturesbwen they were dancing with my dad. I grew up knowing that a family has a mother and a father and children.
I also grew up knowing that a family has a home jn the village and city because they were working there. In te village that’s where we madeour crops and in town we had a small garden where we managed to harvest only for our family. Like day to day spices, tomatoes, vegetables and flowers around a home.

That home in Harare was a home. It was a house where when one visit you knew and felt there was a strong spiritual woman who knew how to love. She wasn’t only a mother to us but to the society.
Let me tell you what made me take long to write this morning,. Its because it wasn’t yet the right moment.
I remember growing up helping my mom with every little thing she did. I didn’t know that was a way of her practicing homeschooling.

The woman talked. She explained everything She did and would immediately correct you constructively. I remember that we had a floor that we shined with cobra wax. I remember when she said I should be able to ee myself after shining the floor. She found cleaningness from within and outside very important and she kept pointing out why.
Why for the society, because each time when a child passes or a young man passes through our house wearing a torn trousers, she would offer to mend with her singer sewing machine, for free. That way people were very grateful. She sew uniforms, including mine. I knew that it wasn’t easy for her to get the right fabric because the NB was the only company proving uniforms.

In the village everyone felt free to pass our home for a cup of tea. It was not a cup of tea like you would imagine it in a Western country home but a real organically fullcreamed strong tea with self made buns, fat cooks or maize bread like the Ndebele people make. She was Ndebele, so I managed to learn both cultures. Language wise. I left home too early whilst I was in the process of learning. Besides our schools were so Westernized such that everyone encouraged us to learn foreign languages than ours.

Because my dad worked a lot in Harare, she decided to go often to the village during the seasons that she needed to plant crops.

She didn’t do things only for us but the whole village,. She brewed beer, traditionally just like how people in our village did. But she also made other things that I cannot mention as I am not planning to sell my mother’s legacy to some people who are not appreciable.
I know long texts are not for people of today but there are people who still love reading books.

🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 fast forward

She passed away in 2002 and each time I an with my sister or my children. I feel her, I hear her words. She lives.
When I went home in 2019 and 20. I met people who reminded me of her. And people who cried because they saw me and started thinking of the great loss. A lot of women in our village have now given some names to certain behaviours and products that she left behind.
She also had people who misunderstood her but respect her now.



Bonding with your children at a high level. It was already a bit known that I am a primeval mother, but my children do have a primeval father. Really, he is not going to walk beside his shoes, because he really does it with love just like all other fathers, but with extra, that extra to give. I appreciate that and it adds more to our love. My physiotherapist says that I am a primeval mother, she wants me to let go of some things so that I can recover. Yes this is possible, because letting go is when you know the children are in good hands. This does not mean that it should all have to be my way, but I, for example, do not like it when I hear a baby cry when I know that sometimes it is not necessary. There is always a reason why a baby is crying. I usually jump right off my seat to see what could be going on. Fortunately my husband is accommodating when it comes to our family, handy, especially when it comes to upbringing. He has had his own opinion about baby carrying, but he has been participating for 7 years and is now very pleased that he even convinced people to try this too. With pelvic instability, I have to learn to let go while retaining being a primal mother. My first two children were breastfed for 3 years. We really hope that our third can also get for a long period of time. This takes an enormous amount of energy and strength. With pelvic instability you are often a little less mobile than expected. Yet you do want to undertake certain activities with your children as a primal mother. What I regularly do with them is bake cake. Last week I was tired after being with 3 children all day. My husband came home and he cooked, he asked me if I wanted a bath and I agreed. In the bath I had every confidence that everything was going well, just like every other day when I have to get away from work and he stays at home with the children. He often also works at home and keeps an eye on the children while I am away or at work.

Working and carrying your baby is fine, and my husband is inclined to grab and carry the baby so that he can continue. Some will think, why say such a thing? As an African girl I remember that my father was often at work and aunts came to help my mother. My father did not have to worry about the children. With no one at all to help us on a regular basis, we need to find ways to give our children full attention while we can do our work. My need to give this to more fathers is also great. enough families are falling apart, sometimes for very minor reasons

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