We have become slaves of money

FB_IMG_1587626492913It seems as if if we are still failing to use our own senses. We are now failing to question and just do it for some money.
Money has made us slaves such that living without a penny in your wallet drives you crazy.
Oh wait a minute. After writing yesterday about urbanisation and Westernized education. I realised that I touched this too indirectly.
Dependency syndrome is one of them.
Everything is costing money.
Humans are no longer using their hands, their brains, their feet. Even a television is now turned on by s.d simply clapping your hands.

I watched Wall-e with my kids a few years ago and then we watched ‘Geostorm’ Gerard Butler is in there.
These movies were financed to condition us but there is truth in them if you watch using your third eye.
Its happening. How many people are now depending on their gadget to reach out to some information?
How many people do not own a garden? In the times that I grew up, not owning a vegetable garden was embarrassing. Now its alike., when one doesnt own a gadget its embarrassing. Let alone an expensive car yet enough clever people would say ”buy a cow instead of cars” quoted from Ed. lately.
When in the lockdown. Some governments asked people whether they have ideas. They probably gave us the opportunity to think for ourselves and if O were you this is the opportunity to people with business and creative minds to start working hard towards new lifestyles. Not to wait again until the Gvt had come up with that idea you still going to complain about.
Fair enough not everyone has this third eye or opportunities to execute an idea. Yes if money drives us and not the other way round.
As someone who promotes the ”human being” natural health. This COVID19 does not look good at all.
We have to take distance 6 feet from each other.
Yet when you carry babies they get used and would like to ma in brain the cuddling thing. When people cuddle, they feel good. They feel consoled and this reduces psychological problems. I wonder where we are going if we are no longer allowed to touch or feel.
A while ago we talked of why breastfeeding is made difficult. Why carrying of babies is made difficult.
Think about it and answer for yourself.
Right now we as small companies are to teach online. How can we teach if we cannot touch. How can teach how to feel when one doesnt feel how to feel?
The education taught you to wait for a Western experiment to approve the food medicine you have been utilizing for years. Thos scientists have no idea what that is. You know but you still wait for them to prove it to you that it works.


Text: Muchaneta Nyanyira
2020 Copywrited
Picture Sunrise 23/04/20
Quote: found on facebook

why Africans in diaspora fail to carry their baby’s

Yes, I have seen them everywhere in Europe, many African women walk behind a pram, oftenly a very expensive one. Is this a statis thing? Just like a big car?

I am also an African woman who is absolutely awkward with a pram.. After I walked so often with my own babies in the sling, I came to a point where I wondered how the African woman or family transported their baby’s in Europe. Would they know whether this is or can be a norm in the West? Do they do it in, do they carry baby?

Every time I have a baby on my back, I often get positive reactions and sometimes many questions from people who do not know anything about the art of carrying baby’s. Ignorant privileged Western people who oftenly think that they are civilized than African. Such that they end up automatically correcting you wothout even them thinking whether you thought this through.

Oftenly some Western people wonder whether:

  • Wearing on my back is good for the baby’s hips
  • I’m not afraid that the baby can suddenly fall like that
  • I do not suffer from my back
  • How long I can wear such a baby
  • Until what age can I wear such a baby and from what age can I wear
  • And even more questions of which it seems best not to be known

When I answer, I give examples like, think of runners from Africa, think of little or no hip abnormalities in the elderly in Africa.

The above questions are quite right, given that babywearing is not really well practiced as the norm in Europe. An average newborn mom takes a pram. She did not learn it differently or too little example parents who walk with a carrying system.

What do African parents say themselves, including expats and diasporas

Between all those people who express the admiration, there are also African women who do occasionally make a comment such as:

  • I do this only in my home for practical reasons.
  • How brave of you that you walk on the street with a sling.
  • My grandmothers used to do it in rural areas too (you can hear a lot of people from
    West Africa or South America)
    -Is it allowed to walk with a baby in this way here in Europe?
    -I did not know you could do this outside, and why do people not do it here? and
    that goes on and on.

What appears afterwards is that African people or diaspora in general have not even thought about wearing your baby very positive. Enough thinking that they just have to do this so they can get back to work. They have never learned that wearing your baby is actually one of the best ways to bond with your baby. It has ever been suggested that carrying your baby is a sign of poverty, that is why one is dependent only on a baby car in the West.

In Africa, people think that everything that happens in the Western countries is the better, could it be the other way around?

I am going to tell the Africans I know, that they are better off using #mberekoor #Torsobabywearing slings. Nothing is more natural than how we practice it in Africa, just like animals that do not need anything else than nature itself.

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