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A real Woman does not need attention but respect

I was busy writing this short blog since this morning, also because I wouldn’t like to let this day go unnoticed. Everything goes through my head when I think mainly of a woman who brought me here in this world. Unforgettable! Indispensable, yet she’s gone. She lives in me and in my children. This woman I mention almost every day. This woman has lived in her years when women were not yet liberated but she fought hard that her daughters became who they are now. Anyway, of course I don’t want to talk only about me.

The Last years were not easy at all. I have realized that we meet people for a reason. That’s why we meet people who may come into our lives for a shorter period.

Some stick around despite the fact that WE sometimes say openly things that may bring people into thinking depending on their level of thinking and receiving the particular message brought through. Its not all of us who are blessed with empathy, but we all can learn.

These people are:



Pregnant women,


Single moms,



Mother-in Laws.

Between all these ladies there are many who would like to have a baby, many who have already given birth and enough trying to find balance between work and family.

Between all those ladies there are enough who don’t have children for various reasons. But are still women.

They fight for a second child, they fight for their relationship to work out, fight for friendship or family ties. I can appoint anything but I don’t know any better than I what I have already experienced. I’m learning a lot! I’m not perfect either!

I’m glad to get to know all these women. I thought I needed someone to sympathize with me because I don’t have a mother or mother-in-law knocking at my door to ask how I feel or take the kids for some hours.
No, the grass is never greener at the neighbors. I thought my situation was worse when I got 3 Cesareans, but then turns out that emoties woman hasn’t been able to breast-feed because of cancer or Aids.

Life is complicated and we women do not make it easy for ourselves and certainly not for others. There are things that can be difficult to release and that is also different per woman. Over the last few years, I’ve only been coming across strong, driven women. I have also learnt that not everyone necessarily has to walk up your alley, as long as you respect one another, you will see that it works for you too. Keep stimulating each other! Give each other a lot, correct each other where it goes wrong and don’t gossip behind the back. Help each other improve relationships with our men and children and not destroy. Unfortunately, this is also the case.

My concern this year and the next few years is when we are actually going to behave differently, eat or feel because we like to lose weight. Because someone has ever determined a size clothing as an ideal. However, I found out that healthy are not necessarily slim. Everything has its own extreme sides and everything that’s too much is not good. Hopefully, we’ll manage to find the balance and be happy. P

Love you all!

Thanks to ladies who participated and participated in the babycarryworkout and otter programs of Bereka and Mbereko.

You were so good! I’m very grateful to get to know you guys. Your children have been allowed to meet me and you entrusted me to share these vulnerable moments with you. That is nice to be able to be twice a week with people where you can easily discuss female inconveniences and comforts and make a nice family life at home.

Happy International Women’s day. Just showing my appreciation to all women have met so far, women I have learnt a lot from and women who guide me in difficult moments and years! Not forgetting to mention my own mom who made it happen, a woman whom we cannot live without but no longer there

Its so wrong for one to think I am truly happy or rich because I live in The Netherlands.

The saddest part is whenever I feel happy because I either hear some music that reminds of my roots, people start to question my happiness. some do not realize that, that’s all I may have to remember my childhood.
Its so wrong for one to think I am truly happy or rich because I live in The Netherlands.
The truth is, I miss this, That what you see in the picture., We even used to have hari, clay pots that we used to fetch water with.

The reason why I loved staying in the village was the fact that we never needed money to survive per day.

Here in Europe we stress out when we do not have money.
Back in Chivi we could relax and wait for the season to tell us when to plough and grow our food. We dried our food for the next season and could not wait again for the next season to eat fresh fruit, green and more.
There was so much to do as children. I was one of a kind who never thought living in Harare was everything, let alone living in Europe.
Now I suffer from different imbalances. There I cannot remember suffering from anything than somehow knowing that we Africans needed help. From where.?

In this picture, this was the last time I was home in 2009 December to January 2010. so don’t look at me and think I happy.

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